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  • Psychotherapy 

  • Equine-Assisted Services

  • Personal & Professional Coaching

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching

  • In-Person & Telehealth sessions available


Using a strength-based and healing-centered approach to therapy, I work side-by-side with clients to assess, identify and reduce mental health related symptoms impacting daily functioning and overall quality of life. The goal of psychotherapy is to support clients in creating their own pathways to positive change and success. I strive to create a warm, inviting, and inclusive environment where laughter and relationship building are viewed as the best medicine for the soul! Service options include traditional talk therapy, equine-supported services and telehealth.


  • Adults & Adolescents

  • Adjustment Difficulties

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Relational Conflict / Repair

  • Sports Psychology 

  • Trauma-Focused Interventions

Conscious Counseling Solutions, LLC is an out-of-network only therapy provider. Insurance is not accepted.

Personal & Professional Coaching

Using a strength-based and solution-focused approach to coaching, I work with clients to set goals, increase confidence, gain insight, find focus, and activate solutions. Personal coaching focuses on empowering clients to unlock untapped potential, achieve advancement and promote positive change and growth.

Areas of Focus:

  • Adults & Adolescents

  • Accountability and Boundary-Setting

  • Assertiveness 

  • Career Development, Performance and Transitions

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Equine-Assisted Coaching

  • Life Transitions

  • Personal Growth & Development 

  • Personal Wellness & Stress Reduction

  • Equine & Sports Performance

  • School Performance

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Executive and leadership coaching is a specialty service designed to equip leaders with the tools needed to handle even the most difficult parts of their role. With over 20 years of firsthand experience working in leadership, management and business development roles, I work with leaders to identify areas of change, create goals and implement solutions. I also support leaders in exploring their own professional/personal growth and development to enhance overall job satisfaction and find work-life balance.  

Areas of Focus:

  • Accountability & Boundary Setting

  • Career Transitions & Job Satisfaction

  • Crisis Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Leadership Growth & Development

  • Organizational Change

  • Performance & Productivity

  • Personal Wellness & Stress Reduction

  • Role Definition

  • Team Building

Service Rates

Conscious Counseling Solutions is an out-of-network only therapy provider, insurance is not accepted.

Please contact me for inquiries regarding individualized services and rate plans.

FREE 30-min initial consultation call available upon request.

Rates varying based on service type and location.

In-Person and Online sessions available.

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