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Equine-Assisted Services

Curious how horses support us in our personal wellness and success journeys?

Horses help us to calm our bodies and minds, slow our breath and find a sense of grounding simply by being in their presence. It’s just in their nature. They want to support us and do so with intention. As prey animals, they are highly aware and attuned to the energy and world around them. They seek calm and serene environments and are highly skilled at regulating themselves, each other and humans for safety and security.

When we pause to recognize what they are trying to do, amazing things happen! We think more clearly and become more present with those around us and within ourselves. They are like our mirrors, showing us our strengths while also pointing out our areas of growth in a non-judgmental, honest and unbiased way. It’s a different kind of “horse power” than we’re use too, but the positive results are undeniable!

Want to add a little “horse power” to your life?!


I provide equine-supported and nature-based psychotherapy and wellness/mindset coaching for adults, adolescents, families, groups and businesses at Serenity Farm and Stables in Watertown, MN.


Flowers on Wood

Meet Woody

I'd love to introduce you to my amazing equine-partner, Woody! He is a 17 year-old Kentucky Natural Gaited gelding who is a natural born connector and healer! 

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